My passion and approach to photography is about capturing the unguarded moment.

Our most treasured memories of our family and friends are ironically the ones we leave out of our albums. Life isn't lived statically, with perfect poses and a smile worthy of a toothpaste-commercial, so why should our albums be full of these images?

I strive to capture the moments that happen in between the click of the shutter, between sitting up straight and looking perfect. For me, photography isn't about looking your Sunday best, but holding on to a moment and a feeling. Through the my medium, I try to accomplish what Anais Nin once said about the purpose of writing: "to taste life twice. In the moment and in retrospection."

My hope is to be able to capture your family in its landmark moments as you remember it: full of laughter, love and above all: life. I bring a freshness and humor to all my shoots, and keen sense of professionalism throughout the process. Laughter is a central ingredient to my work, and I guarantee our shoots will be a blast!